Have you ever seen something that looks so simple and beautiful that you wonder how it was designed and made? Well, at Simplified Stainless Systems we know what it takes to produce that result. It's what we do and it's evident in every brewing system we produce.stainless brewing tank flow

Brewing Systems

Simplified Stainless Systems manufactures and supplies world class craft brewing systems and stainless steel vessels of all sizes. The items that make up our primary product list are brewhouses, liquor tanks, malt handling equipment, fermentation and cellaring tanks, glycol chillers and low pressure steam boilers. We can also custom fabricate any component that you may need.


Our brewhouses, fabricated in Vancouver, British Columbia, are designed to be extremely user friendly and safe. Easy to reach valves and pumps and well engineered process plumbing make our brewhouse enjoyable to brew on. They are aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and yet have a ruggedness about them that will give you years of problem free brewing.

Brewhouse arrangements include standard 2 vessel brewhouses (mash/lauter tun and brewkettle/whirlpool), 3 vessel combinations (separate mash vessel or separate whirlpool) and 4 vessel configurations. We will also work with you to ensure the brewhouse is designed to your specific needs. No matter what you want to do - single infusion, multi-step infusion, or decoction brewing and the ability to brew high gravity beers, our brewhouses can be custom designed and built to satisfy your exacting needs. Vessel heating is by low pressure steam, natural gas or electrical elements.

Unitanks/Brights/Conditioning/Yeast Tanks

stainless brewing tanksSanitation, performance, and safety are the main driving factors in the production of these vessels. All vessels are fabricated with 304 stainless steel and feature all standard components.

Contact Simplified Stainless Systems for detailed equipment specifications and pricing.


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"Blaine Is a great guy to work with. We have 20 years experience working together and he understands the issue and listens to the customers concerns and needs. He is good at resolving problems that arise in the course of production and mfg."
Sean Casey, President, Church Brew Works ((2012 GABF Large Brewpub of the Year), Pittsburg, PA