Who We Are

Simplified Stainless Systems was formed by Blaine Clouston and Kent Landolt. They have been involved in the craft brewing industry since the early 90's and have experienced the many changes that have occurred in this great industry. But one thing that hasn't changed is their passion and dedication. That passion and dedication translates to producing the best system possible and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. And this is the foundation that Simplified Stainless Systems is built on and will continue to uphold in the future. It's our commitment to you.

 Blaine Clouston heads up the Simplified Stainless team. A mechanical engineer by training, he brings with him 25 years of experience in Sales, Project Management, and Customer Service in the brewing industry. He has worked with over 300 breweries throughout the world and on projects ranging from a small 5 vessel brewhouse pilot system to systems 50 barrels in size and up. He understands the importance of producing a system that works day in and day out and addressing the specific needs of the customer.

 Kent Landolt is in charge of the Production Team. Kent has over 25 years experience in all facets of stainless steel fabrication and has worked extensively on brewing systems of all sizes. His attention to detail and producing the best equipment possible is reflected in every piece of equipment that leaves the Simplified Stainless factory.

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"I have worked with Blaine on the development of several breweries since the mid-90´s.  By far, his customer service, attention to detail, and invaluable experience gained from years of working on literally hundreds of breweries are what earned and will continue to earn my business.  When you buy a brewery from Blaine you are buying from someone who believes in the highest quality, stands behind his equipment 100%, and always operates with the highest integrity.  He will become a trusted partner in your growth strategy."
Sean McLin, Head Brewer/Operations Manager, Edge Brewing Barcelona Spain